STEAM Train Core Programs

steSummer STEM Camp
A one-week, full-day summer camp for youth ages pre-school to 6th grade that introduces them to STEM careers. Children are exposed hands-on scientific experiments, interact with computer technology, learn about engineering disciplines, and gain mastery of mathematics as a skill that is fundamental to STEM.  


br2MAD (Mobile Application Development) Programming Camp
A two-week programming camp that trains participants 12 years and older on the fundamentals of programming and the basics of developing applications for mobile devices.  


20225821-C07E-4060-8B2F-DDCD6830D44DFast Track STEM Career Academy
Apprenticeship that trains participants to be web designers and developers, with the expectation that other career tracks will be developed over time. At the conclusion, participants will be positioned for work in the field.


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